Webhook actions

Product name

All Nuki Devices connected to Nuki Bridge


Sending own Webhooks/URL-Requests after specific Nuki-actions to third Party devices within the network.


Instead of only sending a http callback (HTTP Bridge API) with some information for some actions/states I would also like to define webhooks which are triggered after specific actions.
Similar to the possibilities in Doorbird


Direct generic interaction with webhook-enabled devices (without the need of Nuki HTTP Bridge API Callback Implementation or any additional smarthome Hub in between).
More/specific/additional usecases with are not covered by HTTP Callback (using Keypad, Fob and Bluetooth connectivity for actions outside of the Nuki universe).


Unlocking the door calls a shelly Module to light up the floor.

A specific keypad pin, opens a door which is connected to Doorbird door Station.

When a specific Smartphone/mac-address enters/leaves the Bluetooth range of a specific Nuki device, actions on a smart Home Hub are triggered.

A Smart Home Hub is notified if Nuki Opener opening Action takes place.

I have created an ifttt app to turn on the light with OPENER and SHELLY 1 and it works fine but unfortunately only if I open with the nuki app and not with the keypad.
I selected “all users” in the creation phase but nothing changes. Do you have any suggestions?
I also set specific user keypad but not work.