Webapi push message and status

It seems a problem with the push notifications oder Status of the web api. Maybe a bridge problem.

I found out that if two locks change within 1 minute or less. Only one status has changed.

This may be also the problem why I get sometimes push notifications in the morning without use the looks.

I have the feeling when more then one device will send information to one web account it will loose information.
I have close 3 locks at the same time. And randomly the website oder webapi Shows the correct state of the locks.
After press refresh on the website or via swagger it shows the correct state.

Also I have the problem via swagger and also curl and API token. The sync won’t work. Only if I press aktualisieren on the website. I use the same user. API token and swagger have full rights.

I am currently looking into this and will get back to you with details.

ok thanks, i have also an support case open with my debug log from the APP. but didn’t have are reply to it yet.

Any news. At the moment the smartlocks looks good but the opener stays in open oder Ring to open and does not change. But only on the web site and web API. After refresh it goes to the correct Status.

Thanks again for your logs and help. We seem to have found an issue with concurring sync-triggers and are currently looking into fixing this.

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where is the problem, SmartLock, Opener, Bridge or WEB? The Support want to upgrade my Opener Firmware (to Beta). but the SmartLocks also show this problems.

The issue seems to be on server side, but visible due to improved Bluetooth speed for all devices. So Opener update should help, but main fix is still to come on server side.