Web requests commands are ignored

I have a Nuki Opener and a Smart Lock v3.

When I get back home I have a shortcut set up with MacroDroid app to activate ring to open and unlock the smart lock.

The automations first sends a GET smart lock command, if response code is 200 and serverstate variable is 0 (online) it sends the activate RTO (or unlock) action, and then saves the action response code in a variable.

I’ve been using this setup for about 2-3 weeks with no issues but something is going wrong since last night. When I launch the automation shortcut I receive the GET response, and after I send the action command I also receive a 204 response code, so everything seems to be ok, but RTO doesn’t activate and the smart lock doesn’t unlock. It doesn’t happen all the time, but about 50% of the time.

I noticed that if I repeat the commands right after the failure I get a 423 response code, what does it mean and why is this happening? It was working great and nothing changed in the setup (the bridge is always up and running, in the same position close to the locks etc)

Any help is appreciated. Since I have no clue that the command didn’t work, when RTO is not activated and I press the buzzer, ring sound is not suppressed and I’m disturbing everyone else at home, also I stand in from of the intercom like an idiot waiting for the intercom to open :sweat_smile:


Is this a Nuki server outage?

I mean, it’s like my requests reach the server and I receive the response, but then the server doesn’t send the request to my devices.

This is happening consistently with both an opener and a Smart Lock v3 connected to a bridge (which might suggest a problem with the bridge-device connection), but it’s also happening with another smart lock v3 Pro that is not connected to the bridge.

I can currently only use the Nuki app to have reliable results.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Daniele!

Yes, we experienced some issues around that time with our Web API. Does the issue persist on your side?


No, it was obviously a temporary shutdown of the Web API service.