Web API: Implement callbacks for smartlock actions

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Implement callbacks for smartlock actions.


I’d like to send a (un)lock action request to the API and receive a transaction ID in the response. Once the command has been executed, I would receive a callback from the server with this transaction ID and the outcome of the action.


As of now, sending smartlock requests to the server returns no result of this action. It might be that the lock has a motor block, but I would be completely unaware of it as no callbacks are sent. I want to be able to detect errors with (un)locking a smartlock.


Consider this: You want to provide a custom (un)locking experience for opening electronic locks. Nuki has an API that can do this for you, but only Nuki is able to log the outcome of the (un)locking. Without logging the outcome, it is impossible to detect any faults in the installation of a Nuki lock without accessing the Nuki website/app.