Vodafone station - Nuki bridge

Hello there,

I know there are a lot of threads about the issue between Vodafone station and Nuki bridge.

I have the same issue and the only way to make it work is connecting it to a mobile router.

Since I need this router for another place, do you know if attaching a router to my vodafone station could work and which would be the best router to buy that can guarantee that it works without disconnecting or other issues?


It seems it now works, I have waited 2 years for this but I just realized it has a stable connection to my vodafone station. Did you fix this issue?, if so well done!

We informed them once we knew of the problem. If there was a fix, it was done and rolled out by them.

Hi, I’m new user and I have the same issue with vodafone station. I’m seeing here there is no news, I’d like to aks to you if new product “New Smart Lock 3.0” with builtin WiFi works like the bridge, so, with http API feature (if I’ve correctly understood, the problem with Vodafone station is the API).