Visual "Locked" Indicator for 3.0Pro

Hi, new here, but wanted to develop a function for a certain use-case.

We’ve got a few doors running Nuki 3.0 Pro locks and we wanted to develop a simple visual indicator if the door is locked from the outside (without having to rattle at the door knob), this would gather the information “Locked or Unlocked” from the Nuki API via an Arduino Nano or similar controlling two LEDs (Red/Green). Any tips to something already done or someone interesting in helping develop it?

Like in this image: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image


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Polling the web api with the arduino once per minute is most likely the easiest way to achieve this.

I don’t think so… Checking the status 1 per minute is not enough. I need to know from a busy street that the lock has started to open and that the latch is holding and I can pull the handle.

If you need push updates you can teither go through cloud services (ifttt), connect the sl3p to a bridge (and use webhooks or poll the bridges cached sl state mor often) or use the mqtt api (which is already available in a restricted beta).

Thanks for the infos!

I was wondering if there was an api call frequency limit, especially for a device like this which would constantly ask “Is the door locked”

Hardware I’m working on a prototype, but software I wouldn’t know where to begin or which api source to use, what would work best?

Thank you. I don’t know how the new KeyPad 2.0 keyboard with TouchID works, for example, if it’s somehow asleep and just wakes up with my caress and sends a code to the lock, but it would be great if it worked the other way around, that if the lock started to open, it would start flashing and if the lock held the latch, it would start to light for that time (1,3,5,7,10,15,20,30s) and it would be visible at first glance that I can push into the door because the latch is held. This would be the best feature, because forever fumbling behind the door and trying to see if the lock is holding the latch or not is not exactly ideal.

The Keypad indicates when it successfully sent a command, therefore you immediately know when the lock is unlatching. It does not and can not indicate when the door was actuated by another device and display the status of the lock because this would drain lots of energy from the Keypads battery, although it would theoretically be doable. → Feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it

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