Videx 925 wiring possible?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone more savvy than me could check and suggest wiring for the Videx 925 intercom, if that is compatible anyway.


Hi! Please take a short isolated wire and take some of the isolation off on both ends. Now hold one end on one of the soldering pads, and the other end to a other pad, if the opening goes on, notice these two pads, if the opening goes not on, then try the next pad, until you found the right two pads. Then get back here.

Hello Rose,

I managed to make it work using the connection mentioned here, as I noticed on this site that the Videx 3131 is offered as a replacement to my unit:


The only thing that does not work is ring suppression, but I will look into it when I get a chance. Any suggestions are welcome though :slight_smile:


Great! In this case the bell signal is anyhow bypassing the opener, but the opener still recognise the ring, so look if there is a second way, where the ring signal goes, - maybe you have a own line for bell downstairs and bell upstairs, and this you can test, because then now the ring suppression should already work, but with just the bell downstairs or upstairs, if you find out that it works for one bell, you have to take the second bell line to the yellow opener wire.

So just a quick question since I’m not that familiar with circuits: would it work if I use the input for the bell speaker to circumvent the ringing action? Or do I have to solder “around” the circuit?

What I mean is that the ringing comes from an external tweeter, partly visible at the bottom in the pics, would this work for the provided clamp?


Hi! Yes exactly, you can use the input of the tweeter for that!