Videx 6256 Nuki Opener Help

Hello all,

i need help with my opener. I can’t discovery pinout and opener don’t work. Someone help me?

It’s bus or analogic?

Link to my intercom schema

Hi Higino,
is seems to be an analog one.
See these instructions: Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems
and try the following with “Generic” as Brand and “Analogue” as Model
yellow … 4A
blue … 5A
purple … 3A
black … 3A
red … 1
orange … 2A

Best regards

Hello Georg,

thank you for you reply.

I did that but the door just open if i rang the bell. It’s possible open the door witouth ring the bell?

It is possible recieve notification in my phone if someone ring my bell?

Thank you,

Hi Gino,
your intercom only supports electric strike actuation after ringing the doorbell. Unfortunately, we can not change this behavior at the moment. You can receive push notifications on those events, by activating push notifications in the app. Please do not forget to activate Nuki Web at first.
Best regards

hi Georg,

thank you for your replys.