Videx 3171

I have a Videx 3171 intercom. Could you please help how to connect nuki opener which wires will go where to the green connector block.
My intercom It’s not listed in the compatible list.

We have two panels intercoms in our building. One for the door from the backyard (backdoor) and one of the main entrance (front door). When somebody rings upstairs in the apartment you need to lift the handle and press the button to open the door.
Up in my apartment are coming two cables one is for my doorbell(local doorbell wires blue and blue/white).
One of the buttons(service button) is for turning light in the hallway of the building.

I did a further investigation. Tracing the wires and checking which one is for what (see below).

L black and brown wire (Do you think one wire is for the backdoor and for the front door?)
- black and blue wire and one more blue wire (for a local doorbell)
LB blue/white wire (local doorbell)
AL no wires X
SW green wire (hallway light - service button)
SW black wire (hallway light - service button)

I have more pictures in the attachments of my intercome and wiring in the intercom. I also attached manuals for Videx 3171.

Let me know If you need more information.

A little delayed but did you manage to get this working?

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Unfortunately no :frowning: We had some remote measurements with oscilloscope, but no luck.

Any advice? I have the same intercom

It’s been since 2017 (I funded nello) but with no successs and had high hopes Nuki will do better customer support, but there is still no support for Videx 3171.

I have a 3171-33 - did anyone manage to get door opener working? I think the 2-bus digital intercom is the issue and hard to reverse engineer.

I had several mails since with Nuki support, but this intercom seems not relevant enough for them to support (maybe not even possible?).

Is there any chance that anyone got rid of this?

I have 3171-17. I wonder if buying 3101 or anything supported will work.