Via Api changed lock name not show up in app


I am testing setting the name by changing the config ( 0x0013 & 0x0015) via the BLE api from an esp32.

If I change the name (to “test”) this does not become visible in the Nuki app.

Only when I go to manage lock and the app gets the new config then on the manage lock page it shows the new name
but when I go back to the home page it still shows the old name.
It’s no issue for me as I do get the new name if I get the updated config, but I wonder if this is a small bug in the Nuki App?
Or is the name parameter in the config different from the name parameter in the app?


The Nuki App has a “display name” which is independent from the “config name”. You can change this in the settings?

Why? Because if I already have a Smart Lock called “Deur” and am invited to another one with the same name this can be very confusing, so every user can set his/her own “display names” per device in the App.

ah makes sense, clear!