Very, very bad: App version 2023.10.1 as me to register again!

I’m very disappointed about the new version of the app! I updated my IOS version automatically and I really regret it!

It should be said the app, after the upgrade, it doesn’t allow remote configuration anymore. First time you go on configuration page after the upgrade even if the lock is installed from long time it ask for near field bluetooth configuration. This happen for the Opener too, so you can’t remotely use your app from remote to control your Smart Lock and your Opener!

This should be advised, now until I’m near the door, it is needed for me to check everything from nuki web and it is a lot less functional than using the app.

Then, if this really was needed, it should be advised and it should be make clear in the release note that after the upgrade you can’t configure your nuki gear anymore if you do not reregistered the app from local!

This is the first time I’m really disappointed by Nuki, then it is a very big disappointment.

I’m sorry for you experiences and that you are disappointed. Please reach out to our customer support via the app: Help → Contact customer support. Please additionally provide an screenshot(s) where your are experiencing the problems. Thank you.!

It is needed I can confirm the Nuki support helped me to resolve the problem, even if the new version of the app can trick other people, I suppose.

With version before 2023.10.1 when I needed to configure my installed lock or my installer opener I used to click in the upper underscore of the app, choose configure your gear, choose the gear (example smartlock) and that opened the config page (obviously with a registered gear). With 2023.10.1 is not like that anymore.

Now, like said by Nuki support, you can tap on the lock or the opener in the app home page and choose Configure.

I didn’t do that in the past becouse considering if you click on the online Smartlock icon I can open the lock too, I prefer to avoid to tap over it to avoid mistakes and open the door when not needed.

That’s all, I’m sorry for not understanding the new version of the app and I think it could still be better, for the explained reasons, to make possible for the user to go my old road again, using the upper underscore in the app to confire even the installed gear.

Hi @MaxD thank you very much for your feedback! This helps us to improve the app further!