Very slow opener action

Hello all.
I normally use opener to open my garage door.
The trouble is that when I open far from the garage door (means by using bridge) the opening action is very very slow.
The configuration on energy saving setting in the opener is set to fast (I keep alimented by wires, without batteries) and I’m starting to think what can be the issue.
Maybe the range of the bridge?
Will the bridge new version (the white one) work better on this? Or the new opener?
The speed for me is crucial, everytime I need to wait from 10 to 20 seconds to open the garage door when I’m far from it :frowning:


I have found the issue, I publish the reply to anyone who will have the same issue.
When going into the bridge connection status, even if the connection is good (yellow line) it is not so good as you can think and many time on my site was failing a lot of times, giving no opening or strange issue.

I have replaced the position of the bridge inside my house but again, the opener signal was good now (turned green from yellow), but the door signal was yellow.

I have take many trials and finally I have found a way which I love, both green signals!

Also, I have changed also smart door bluetooth frequency to fast, and now both doors are being detected by nuki app and opened inside 3 seconds only, finally a stable working thing!

Thanks for the information! I use also ifttt for this, because it’s very fast, works from everywhere, and is also a second way for redundancy, if anything is not working right!