"Verbindungsstatus" in Nuki iOS App 2.2.0-Beta isn't green


I updated from the stable version to the Nuki iOS App 2.2.0-Beta. I was fare away from the three locks when I did this update. Everything works fine so far. Only the ring “Verbindungsstatus” does not seems to show the correct status. It is 100% gray (I am not in the bluetooth area) and after 10secs it shows green between Smartphone and Server. The ring does not show more green parts but I have a connection to my locks over the bridge (because I can lock/unlock and see the correct status on the page “Übersicht” and “Favoriten”).

Which exact version of the iOS App did you use? Where has been an update on the weekend (2.2.0 (1220)) which fixed some issues with incorrectly shown status.

Could you update and try again if you can reproduce the problem?

The Beta (2.2.0 (1240)) fixed the issue. Thanks.

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I can confirm that, 1240 fixes the issue

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