V4Pro motor weaker than V2?

Hi everybody,

a couple of days ago, my 2.0 SmartLock motor died. So I used the occasion to upgrade to a V4P. Apart from not having been aware that the integrated door sensor was dropped, I am rather happy with the new version, especially the MQTT integration is a huge step forward.

However, the motor seems to be weaker than the one in the V2 (has less torque or whatever). Where the old lock had now problems at all, the new one seems to struggle from time to time if I not explicitly press against the door during locking.

Anyone else noticed this?

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I haven’t had the V2 so can’t comment on that.

However I do notice that the app thinks it’s hard to open the lock, so I changed something in the settings. I think you might be able to specify the torque?

Maybe the motor is weaker because they made it quieter?