Using local Nuki in automation

Hello community,

About 3 years ago I found out about the Nuki smart lock and all the things I could do with it. Soon after I bought a full set with the Bridge as I was going to incorporate it into my Domotica/Home Automation system. At that time, things were still being developed and was told I needed the Bridge to get local access to the Nuki Smart lock so I could talk to it over the network. Exactly what I need since all security related home automation is on an airgapped network (no internet access).
Soon after I bought the Keypad and multiple Fobs, the whole shebang.

Back then, there were some issues with pairing the bridge to the lock etc. So I put the project on hold for another time, hoping development would keep adding functions and newer firmware would fix the bugs.

That time came yesterday, I connected the Bridge once again, the firmware updated on the Lock and all is nice and dandy. However, I am now completely in the dark about how to find the functions I am requiring. I can’t seem to find an answer or documentation to the following functionality:

  • How to manage users over the network?
  • How to manage keypad pincodes over the network?
  • How to manage keyfobs over the network?

I can’t find it in any documentation, am I just missing it or did Nuki development stop completely and is my 500+ euro purchase a dud?

Just pointing me to the right documentation so I can see what calls I’m supposed to be making would be sufficient and I’ll be on my way! Not expecting a complete tutorial on how to do things.

Thanks in advance.

The current state of all APIs (including change logs at the end) can be found here:

The local Bridge API is still ristricted though to basic commands and has no administrative rights for authorization management.

Hello Stephan,

Thank you for your quick reply.
I did find that document, it shows that the Web API seems to have all function I need, only problem is I can’t find any way to use that locally, can I download software somewhere to set up that API in my local network?

Some thing I don’t understand, please don’t get me wrong, why are you restricting a (safe) local API to non-administrative and opening the full admin functions to an (unsafe) internet/cloud service?
I would expect all Web API in the local bridge and the restricted Bridge API in the cloud, it seems the wrong way around.

Anyway, please show me how to get administrative rights on the Bridge or how I can implement the Web API locally so I can use the Nuki in a safe and local way as was intented 3 years ago, when I bought the only smart lock product on the market focused around local control.



Was wondering if I could get any update/answer on this. Still haven’t been able to get the Nuki lock intergrated due to the above.

Kind Regards.

Sorry for the late answer as I seemed to have missed this:

This restriction is due to limiting complexity on the Bridge (where the Bridge API is not the main feature and running it in parallel should never interfere with its taks of “bridging” commands for remote access.
We see the interest on expanding this as there are several feature requests (where we already implemented the most wanted with less complexity) and we are considering all of those but do not publicy state anything about our roadmap.

That can currently not be done.

This can also not be done.