Using an iPhone shortcut to open door

I am interested in purchasing a Nuki for my front door and would like to be able to tell Siri to open. If I define a short cut that accesses a predefined URL, that opens my door, that would work (I did that for my gate intercom, so I know). Is there such a URL to which i can send a string that will open my lock ?


Do you plan to use it with homekit or matter? With homekit its so much easier but you can only unlock the door with the command from your iphone even if its on LTE and bluetooth off but locking the door isn’t a big just tell the homepod to lock it or if you have an apple TV the newer version that has the new remote, You can also use the remote to unlock the door because the homepod will tell you to continue on your iphone. If your are asking siri on your phone to lock or unlock the door only via LTE it might say that it’s taking a while to respond you can ask then a follow up question is the front door locked/unlocked and it will tell you Here are some screenshots and of course you can make a shortcut i did it on my apple watch ultra and sometimes I ended up accidentally triggering the lock I hope this helps in a way.
Maybe I didn’t understand you well but use homekit for the lock its much easier…