Users opening door without downloading Nuki App

We want to rent our office room hourly.

So we’d need 1x Nuki Opener for the entrance door (that would integrate with our current house-system) and 1x Keylock for the interior door for our office room.

We want the users to open both doors directly from our website/ dashboard at the specific time they booked.

So can we somehow integrate the Nuki API, so users can open the doors without downloading the app? We want to keep everything branded and make the user experience easier.


Hey @Roccoj !

I haven’t yet made the commitment to deal with the Nuki API with a custom made interface, but depending on what you would need, I would think that it is possible to deal with the API in a manner that would suit your goals.

The most simple solution I could think of is creating a Web Account on Nuki, linking it to your lock and bridge, and then through the API you could manage the door’s locking and unlocking.

I mean that’s basically what IFTTT is doing, minus the need to write some code to interact with the API, so there is no reason you could not handle the requests in such a way that makes what you want possible :slight_smile:

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