Use Opener without bridge on new Nuki Lock 3.0 Pro

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Nuki Lock 3.0 Pro


Use Opener without bridge on new Nuki Lock 3.0 Pro

Great! I could not put the link

Yes, I bought smart lock 3.0 Pro, that is more expensive, because it don’t need the bridge. Of i know that i need to buy the bridge, I had bought the cheaper normal smart lock 3.0.

I think that the opener will work with it, also it’s not clear in NUKI web.

What’s the advantage of smart lock without bridge needed, but you need to buy it if you want the opener?

Please, make a firmware update to the opener to work with the smart lock 3.0 pro that has Bluetooth and wifi (like the bridge), and firmware update to the smart lock 3.0 pro to do it as bridge.



Thats a clear MUST for the Nuki company.
It is a pure software/firmware issue.

If Nuki wishes to be a “Green” company, it should update the Nuki Lock 3.0 Pro Firmware to allow usage with the opener without an additional Bridge.
Otherwise we produce unnecessary waste and use ressources creating another piece of electronics/plastic which could be avoided. Not to mention the additional cost for the end user.

Updating here would be the most resourceful action from any perspective in line with Nuki’s “Green” statement.

WHat is Nuki’s response to this here?


That seems to be quite a doubling from here: Local API on SL3 (Pro) - #4 by pubal

This is what’s keeping me to finally order the Nuki. I’m just so tired of plastic boxes everywhere!


Would love to see this happen!

Like @Serandel said - it’s keeping me from order Nuki - especially because it’s only a software “issue”.