Use of external HomeKit door sensors instead of the magnet

Product name

Nuki smart door lock 2.0


If Nuki is integrated in Apple Home and there is already a real door sensor, it would be nice if we have the option to use that sensor readings, instead of the magnet that comes with Nuki.


Add setting to allow integration with Homekit door sensor instead of just the magnet.


There are metal frames and metal doors. There are also crazy shaped frames, not just rectangular.
In my case I have a metal frame that is not rectangular and the door opens to outside. It is impossible to place the magnet at 90 degrees and at the desired distance from the lock. Maybe the metal of the door and the frame is also messing with the magnetic field readings.
So in cases like that it would be really useful if the lock can read the states from external HomeKit sensor.


IF proper and reliable calibration of the magnet is not possible for some reason
AND Lock is integrated with HomeKit
AND there is already door sensor
THEN allow users to select usage of that sensor.

One HomeKit component does not have access to another HomeKit component. i.e. it is not possible for the Smart Lock to connect to a HomeKit door sensor. You’d have to configure any automations based on the sensor readings with directly within HomeKit and the built in automations.

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Maybe it helps if we have a virtual Switch in Nuki API that we can set from outside with any automation. The state of thevswitch can the be internally used as door state. This would overcome the limitations of accessing other devices.