Use Nuki Key Fob with other Bluetooth devices


is is possible to pair the Nuki Key Fob with other Bluetooth devices, an ESP32 for example? My idea is to place an ESP32 outside of my window and detect the Key Fob press outside to trigger the Opener to unlock the front door at ground level. Any ideas?


Hey @Panda !

I’ll start by saying that unfortunately this is not going to be an exact solution, rather just an idea for your question.

I don’t know if that was implied, but I don’t even think that you need to “process” the signal in that case, rather what you would need is simple a sort of Bluetooth signal repeater.

On second thought, maybe a bit of processing would be needed in terms of identifying the fob’s signal so that it does not repeat every signal that comes by.

Nonetheless, what I’m thinking about is something that is like the WiFi repeaters that are all over the place basically. Have you checked out if there is some sort of solution in that direction?



Bluetooth repeater won’t work as Key Fob will only connect to one device. So if I use repeater, it will detect Opener and Lock and will randomly open one.

The Fob will perform a BLE scan for a short period of time and connect to the device with the strongest signal.

Pairing the Nuki Fob with any device is not possible. What you could try is to simulate a Smart Lock with a raspberry and trigger your Opener from the raspberry through the HTTP-API of the bridge. The simnuki project is quite old though. Don’t know if it still works.

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Thanks Jürgen for the mention. I had a look at the code and it seems be quite a hassle to port that to the ESP32 platform. So I have another idea: What if I buy another Nuki Opener (O1) and put it on the window frame outside so it is reachable for the fob and let it perform „open“ once it detects the press. The „open“ action wakes up an ESP8266 which in turn activates Ring to Open on the real Opener (O2) via WiFi. Is this feasible or am I missing somthing?

Yes, should work.

Awesome thanks!