Use Fall Detection on Apple Watch for emergency opening

Product name

Opener and Smartlock


Catch Apple Fall detection to automatically activate “Ring to Open” and “Open Door” with Opener and Smart Lock


iOS integration: Add an option to access the fall detection events of the Apple Watch. Activate the Nuki Features that make sense for the individual use case.


This feature makes really sense especially for elder persons who may fall and use Apple’s watch (and iPhone’s ??) Fall detection. In the event of a triggered emergency call, paramedics or emergency contacts can thus easily gain access to a user’s apartment to provide first aid.


Falling and getting unconscious in the apartment, house etc


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One of those features that if everything works it is awesome, but if false positive happens and elderly people don’t realize, can be bad.

Well, I would consider myself not as an elderly person but am sometimes alone in our apartment. You could also assume that an elderly person with an apple watch would be capable of using the software installed on a person’s device.

Big assumption when the topic is security