USB-Powerplug for Opener

Hello! I would like to made a permanent power source for the opener, and need to know now, how strong the plug has to be!? Is a plug with 1A enough, or are 2A or even 3A necessary!? Thanks!

1A is more than enough. Standard USB ports deliver 500mA, which is fine too.

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Cool! Will get one and build a permanent power source! A further question please, when the opener is connected to a permanent power source, can I let the batteries in the opener, or should I remove them!? Very thanks!

They are disconnected and can remain. But if you leave them in there for years they still might “run” out and destroy the device. Therefore it’s maybe better to remove them.

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I see, thanks! Then I know all I wanted! Thanks!

Have built the permanent power source, and it works great to now, - hopefully it keeps that way! The only thing was, that after connecting the power source, the opener was not changing to usb-cable as power source automatically like the locks do, I had to edit this option from batteries to usb-cable manually, for that the opener really use usb-cable as power source, otherwise it would have kept on batteries!? But I noticed it, and all is cool to now, and hopefully keeps so!

Hey Jürgen,
What happens if I keep the Power source on the Opener at „Rechargeable Batteries“ but plug in the USB Power Cable?

Is the opener then still „only“ using the Batteries till they are empty, Or is the USB Cable also used as a power source?

Can you explain in more detail the effect of this configuration options?
In my case Its pretty hard as I am not 100% sure if the power cable delivers enough mA. (On the 5V)

can I or support check if the power is sufficient with the Lock ID?

The power source setting in the administration has only an impact on the battery warning. It does not change the power source itself.

Whenever a cable is plugged in and delivering power, the cable is used.

For shure it delivers enough energy. The Opener never needs more than the 500mA that basically every USB power source delivers anyway.

No. You can only guess this from checking the voltage. USB should be close to 5V, while batteries could be higher or lower (depending on charge and battery type). If you tap 7x on the “battery level” text inside the Apps Administration section you will see a more detailed power report that also contains the current voltage.

Thanks a lot for clarification!!
Have a nice day