USB Battery Case Dummy

Nuki Smartlock

Battery case dummy with USB-cord like the one I built myself

This can be good for everyone using an external powerbank as a long lasting powersupply.
Please add also some capacitor inside for for not so trustful powerbanks, which drop voltage shortly.

Please also add USB option in energy source


1- Could you please show us, trough photos, how you connected the power bank to the inside of the Nuki battery compartment?
2- Do you have any link for specific power bank that you have used?


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Does not matter for this voting, but I used 2 old rechargeble batteries: one connector soldered to pluspole, the other one soldered to minus and connected it to powerbank as seen in pics.
Electrically these batteries do not have any effect.

Powerbank is from Amazon - now with 10% on sale
Though every one with 2 Amps or more outlet should work.
But it also does not matter this voting … nevertheless I understand your curiosity

So vote now :wink:

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Your setup looks fine but I always thought that you would need a power bank with an output of 6V and 3A.
Did you also add some capacitor? How?


You are so curious :wink:
Maybe you should not think that much but give it a try …

4x Rechargeble Batteries with 1,2V are not 6V
And I did not add a capacitor because it works like a charm without it.

But if Nuki will offer a dummy battery case in the future, I recommend to add one to avoid power drop issues

Nuki Smart Lock works with four standard AA batteries. These are included in your Nuki package. Voltage|6 volts|.

AA Alkaline batteries included in Nuki 2.0 are 1.5V x4.
AA Rechargeable batteries that are recommended are 1.2v x4.

These minor details including electric stability could be important both for maintaining proper torque and for Nuki long term durability.


Long term durability rofl
3 weeks with different sets of alkaline AA -
Already 6 weeks with powerbank, internal fill level still showing 100%

As Nuki is designed working with 4,8V NiMH a proper power delivering powerbank with 5V should work (what everyone needs to tryout themselves)

Sam Caro, no need to comment this anymore, because you are offtopic.
Topic is a voting about a Battery Dummy Case to supply keylock with USB-Power.
No matter, which source from.

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could you please provide a picture of how you got the connection to the + and - poles? Did you solder it onto the rechargeable batteries and insert only those two batteries? I’m struggling to get the connection to the nuki poles. I tried dummy AA Batteries, but somehow I do not get a connection when I insert them into the nuki. I cannot see any size differences to normal AA batteries, it’s mysterious.
Do we have any idea, if Nuki is actually working (or thinking of doing so) on any permanent power solution? I hate this product so much already

sorry, cannot provide a picture right now, but you got it absolutely right, I soldered it on poles of the batteries and put only 2 batteries into the case (which got me also some more space in battery holder).
I had same problem before using this dummy batteries, therefor I changed to “real” ones.

Actuallyy there is no feedback of Nuki, I do not know if they are working on this


This is a great idea . Why don’t you create a kind of powerbank that fits in place of the battery cover (there’s so much space)?

I don’t think there is enough space to put it inside, only if size of nukicase would be extended.
In my opinion it makes more sense to leave this separated, because needed capacity can be choosen by everyone themself and also a permanent supply solution is thinkable.

Great input Carsten, I’m loving it! :slight_smile:

as a contribution: I guess only few wants to have a permanent PowerBank attached to the door, especially in non-geek environment :wink:

I wish the battery case would be modified to accept a USB-plug, some electrical compounds so one could place rechargeable AA batteries. They even don’t need to be charged to 100%, since it (for us) would be ok to hang an external power source (powerbank) to the door handle for a few hours or overnight.

Thanks again: great job!

(PS: does anyone know how to charge LiPO4 rechargeable batteries inside the nuki battery case?)

Thanks for sharing this.
It seems something that could be done with a 3D printer, just need someone with the skills to draw it.

Moved to “planned” category as this will be covered with the now announced Nuki Power Pack which will feature USB-C connectors which can also be used for permanent power.


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