Urmut 1133 D001

Hello @Juergen
The intercom model is an Urmet 1133 D001.
We followed the procedure on the application, but we encountered a problem because not all the wires can be connected to the intercom. We then made the same connections as other users and those recommended by Nuki support as well.
In the configuration, there are models like:
generic bus or urmut bus we tried both.
Despite our attempts to connect the wires differently, the opening still does not work, even though all the indicators on the application are green.
We are really stuck at the last step after ringing I press I have rung then I put next then I hang up then the next step is where we block.
Ring once at the door of your apartment so that Nuki recognizes the doorbell signal. I have an error message saying activate Bluetooth or connect bridge.
I am however connected to Bluetooth and to the bridge. What is the problem?
Should we do something specific at this stage should I be in front of the intercom or in front of the building?
Thank you for your help