Urmet Intercom - Nuki Opener Problems


I have an intercom from Urmet (1172). I have installed the cables according to the instructions. The first step of the configuration is to press the button to open the door so that the opener can learn the signal. -> on the picture the button with the key symbol. But I can only open the door if someone rings. Nevertheless I have somehow managed to get to the point in the system where it asks me if my intercom system is a system with “unlock” (opening only possible if someone rings). If I now follow these installation instructions, opening the front door of the house works exactly 1 time. But the installation menu wants to test the function a second time and then it does not work anymore. Then I get into a loop and it always starts over again. Does anyone have an idea what I can do? The button “6” (see picture) gives the opener the appearance of an opening impulse although it does not open the door. Maybe this is somehow relevant.

Wiring is as follows:

L1 - Orange and Green

L2 - Black

Terminal - Red & yellow; Black

Thanks a lot!

Hi, I have the same intercom and exactly the same problem. Is there a solution to solve it ? Thank you.

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I have the same intercom. While wiring has been done long ago so I can’t confirm, I think at one point I just lied in the app and said it unlocked. A lot has changed in the meantime and I never redid my config but its worth a try.

This is what I also did (to exit the configuration) unfortunately it doesn’t work while the first step (activation necessary) during the configuration opens the door well …