Urmet Compatibility

Hi folks, I have an Urmet intercom in my apartment that I’d like to integrate with the Nuke Opener. There’s no visible model number on the unit but I think it might be a 1138.

I’m wondering if my unit is compatible with the opener. I have some images below but I can take more if needed. Can anyone advise?

I could only attach 1 image per post. Here’s the front of the unit

Hi! Yes should be no problem! Let me know, if you need further help!

Hi, I have the same model, what is it?

What should I insert in the app to view the correct instructions?

Hi, I have the same intercom and I would love to know if you got it to work.

I never purchased the device because I was unsure whether it would work or not. It would be great to know if it was compatible and how it should be wired

Shame, it’s something called a digivoice intercom. The contemporary version is the 1138/4 - which doesn’t seem to be known as compatible either.

nuki assistance do you have any info for us?

Does anybody have any updates on this?

Set it up as generic analogue.