Urmet Bibus

We live in an apartment and have an Urmet Bibus system (don’t know which model). Since last night the red light on the phone is on. We tested this morning whether the bell rings when we ring the bell and whether we can open it with the button and that works. Does anybody know what this red light means and how we can solve it?

Hi! I think you are false here, this is a forum from nuki, what have a device what works with intercoms! It’s not a forum about intercoms!

Red light means “Door is Open”!

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your reply.

But do you probably know how to solve this?

No problem.

Yes, when the red led don’t goes off when the door is closed, means something with the sensor is not right. - Mostly it is just a bit dirty, or the wire is anyhow loose or damaged. Look at the door mechanism for a magnet (the magnet is the sensor), and clean it.

Thanks a lot, you’re great!

No problem! I am glad when I could help you here!