Urmet 4 +N help needs

I have not been able to install my Door Phone for a long time, and can see that the forum has some clever heads. I have 5 cables, and have tried a whole lot. Have in some suggestions on how to connect! Sorry for my english :sweat_smile:

Do you want to install a door phone or a opener!? I have the same intercom, and can guide you to install it!

Hello Rose, its not possible to do both thinks? I will be very happy if you can help

Rose could you help me for opener?

Yes I think I can help you, but I am a bit confused, what you want to do!? You need a door phone already to install the opener on it, and I was thinking its the one on the photo, but you wrote you will install both, so I need to know first what door phone you will use with the opener!?

Iā€™m really sorry about that, my English is not the best. I have urmet 4 + n, and would like to install door opener with these wires, if its possibel

Ok no problem! The opener wires, blue to 9, purple to 6, - then take the nuki clamp, and put the yellow opener wire in one port, and now take out the red wire (what comes out from the wall) out of ca, and put it in the second port of the nuki clamp, now take the green opener wire and put it in ca (where you taken out the red before), finish (the other remaining opener wires are optional, and not in use now, so you can let them be). Let me know, how it works!

Have you done, what I wrote, the opener should be fully functional with this shema.

Hello Rose,
Thanks for you help. I dont have any purple wire?

You have, - the purple wire of the opener!

When i look at my wires i can see, red, yellow, white, green and blue.

Thats the wires out of your wall, and not the opener wires!? The opener have a cable with it, with 7-wires, thats the one you need, to connect the opener to the intercom, and you put them to the others in the numbered screw-blocks! You have the exact same intercom as I, it will work 100%, but you have to do it right.