URMET 2Voice system


My building just changed its door system and installed a URMET 2 voice system, with 1750/6 devices.
I have read that Nuki Opener isn’t compatible and I saw multiple NUKI developers answering on the forums that they were working on compatibility, but these discussion have been lasting since 2019.
I also understand that URMET propagates 48-51V, which causes issues.
I wrote to support, who answered with a very non-committing answer (“we are not offering compatibility and can’t say if we are working on it, please check again in some months”).
So basically:

  • It is worth my waiting for an eventual compatibility or
  • should I switch to another system and abandon Nuki altogether (as it does not make sense to have the door lock from Nuki if I can’t enter the building with Nuki door opener?

Any hint or personal experience with NUKI development pace would be appreciated.

UP! We’re in the same boat!

I am also very unsure whether to wait for a possible compatibility or switch to another solution. I was looking at SwitchBot Lock + Bot (Button Presser) to open the intercom. Now they also addressed the issue that afflicted the Lock for the European doors without the outside handle and now it is working fine…
The only thing that I would regret, would be that with the Switchbot Bot you can only press the open door button and you don’t have any other integrations…

Would be nice to have an official response about this topic.
And the fact that there is no response, either positive or negative, says a lot about the seriousness of this company. The forum is full of people asking for the integration with Urmet 2Voice Intercom… you can find threads dating back to 2019.
I hope for someone’s reply