Urmet 2Voice Bus

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I’ve seen that on the latest Beta, Urmet BiBus was introduced. Searching on Google, it looks like another bus from Urmet. I currently own an Urmet 1183/5 that’s a 2Voce system based. Is it possible to use with Nuki Opener?


Unfortunately the opener is not yet compatible with 2Voice systems. These intercom systems are still under investigation and we will publish our results here as soon as possible.
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Any updates here?
I have an Urmet Signo 1740 which officialy seems supported. As far as I understand it is an Urmet 2Voice Bus, which - according to this message - is not supported? My intercom says signo 1740/83 - is that the issue?

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Hello, any news about compatibily with urmet 2voice bus ?

Did anyone manage to connect the NUKI OPENER to an Urmet 1740/40 SIGNO?
According to the documentation the Urmet 1740 is supported.


Im also on 2voice from Urmet, any news on this?

Any news please? I have an urmet 1740 and same issue…

Hello, I’m looking for news as well. Anyone heard anything?

News on 2voice compatibility?

It’s been almost 4 years since ‘as soon as possible’. Must be some serious research…


Not yet compatible, since 2019.