Urmet 1705


I have a URMET 1705 connected like this:

The door is not opening. Has anyone got an idea how to fix this?


Thank you in advance

Hi Nick,
I just sent you a PM with further details.
Best regards

Hi Georg, I have also the Urmet 1705. Can you sent the information to me in a pb?

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I want to install the opener on a Urmet 1704. Is this compatible and can you send me further details.

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@Nick did you solved the issue? Can you share the solution?

Hi Nick,
Urmet BIBUS systems are now supported by our 1.3.0.beta firmware. Please send me your Opener ID by PM in order to get added to the beta group. Go to “Settings” of your Opener > Connection Status and click on the Opener symbol)

Je viens d’acheter nuki opener , et le modèle de mon interphone n’est pas dans reconnu dans la configuration.
Mon modèle d’interphone est : urmet 1183/4 .
J’aimerai savoir comment le brancher svp

Merci d’avance

Hi there,
same problem with 1705, but mine has differente cabling.

i don’t know what to do!

I also have an Urmet 1705/1 and it is not opening the door after ringing.

So it is not compatible with 1705/1 ?

A beta for 2 years already ?