Urmet 1705/955 without "Open Door Control" pin


I bought Nuki Opener and after that I found out that Urmet Artico (1705/90) is not the same as Urmet Artico (1705/955). :slight_smile: Artico 1705/90 uses Coax cable - and this one is supported by Nuki out of the box, on the other hand Artico 1705/955 uses 5 wires so wiring is different and therefore there is no guidance by Nuki.

I contacted Urmet support to get descriptions of the pins and wires and what got is following:


Pins highlighted yellow are connected with 6 wires. If I want to map this to Nuki Opener I would do following:

  • Green wire from Opener to CA pin
  • Purple and Black wire from opener to R1
  • Blue wire from Opener: There is no »Open door« pin! Where to connect this wire?

Based on the discussion with the Urmet support, the door is opened using CA and R1. Would it make sense to connect Blue wire to CA, the same as green? Any ideas more than welcome. Thanks.

Kind regards, Gregor.

In case someone would be interested in details I also have

Regards, Gregor.

Hi Gregor, did you manage to get this working? I have the same system, but have never been able to figure it out.

Hi Alex.

Believe it or not, I have fixed the issue that I have described and my Nuki works with Urmet 1705/955. It is not a difficult fix, but it would take you a bit more time then expected. I had an intention to describe the whole process and publish it here, but I started and have not finished it yet.

Kind regards, Gregor.

Congratulations! You did well to get it to work. Maybe you could take a picture of the cables and how you’ve wired it? No problem if not

Yes, no problem. I have photos, but I also need to add some explanation to the procedure. Give me some time today to write it all down and post it here, maybe it would also solve someone else’s situation.

That would be great! Thank you

Hi Gregor, just wondering if you are able to add the details for your installation please, so I can see if I can get mine working in the same way.

Hi Gregor! Can you please share a picture of your wires? I have the same bracket terminal on Urmet 1704/955. Thanks.

I solved! On Urmet 1704/955 (it’s identical)

Green wire → CA on top
Blue wire → CA on bottom
Yellow wire - clamp with the wire originally in CA
Purple and black wires → R1
Red and orange → not used

In the app: select brand GENERIC , model ANALOG

Now when someone rings the intercom, it automatically opens the door. :partying_face:

Thank you Miguel for share.
Gregor, just wondering if you are able to add the details for your installation please.

Hi Gregor,
I have the same problem. Could you please explain what you did to fix the problem ?