Urmet 1702 integration

I’m trying to install my opener to an Urmet 1702 with the 1202/955 wiring bracket. Couple of attempts and it always says it’s not compatible.

Can anyone suggest what wires go where?!
Thanks :blush:

Hi John,
I’ve got exactly the same system and haven’t ever been able to get it to work. The systems not compatible according to Nuki. Had to send it back

Hi Alex,
but it is in the compatible device list , i also am having the same problem with my Urmet 1702 Atlantico…did you reach out to Nuki and they told you it’s not compatible?

Hi Theodore,
The 1702 atlantico says it’s compatible, but not the 1702 on it’s own. Apparently they are different systems and the 1702 isn’t compatible. I have spoken to nuki and Urmet to try and sort but didn’t get anywhere.

Thanks for the quick reply Alex ! yes the connections are a bit different … hopefully i can make it work :crossed_fingers:

Good luck! Please let us know if do get it to work. Had my opener sat in the box for the last year, hoping to get it sorted at some point. Would be great to be able to use it!

Hi Theodore, just wondering how you got on and if you managed to sort this please?

Hi Alex,

Still no luck, i will call the nuki licensed installers to come and figure it out…it will basically cost the same as the price of the opener ! but there doesn’t seem to be any info anywhere and phone support can only dispatch someone they were not able to help over the phone.

i will post an update .

Hi Theodore, did you ever get this working?