Urmet 17/40 - nuki Opener does not open door


My intercom is a Urmet 1740 Signo with bibus 1740/954. This intercom require the pre-activation.
My setup don’t work. The Nuki opener don’t open the door.
I try with Urmet 1740 configuration mode and Generic / Urmet Bibus mode. It doesn’t work.
Thanks for your help and support.

Picture of connection with Opener :

Hello. I have the same model and cannot make it work either. Did you find a solution?

No i don’t found solution. I wait support of communauty


I’ve the exact same model of the intercom. First of all, also doesn’t work completely.
What is really weird for me is, the pressing the opener button at the first step is recogniced, ringing from the frontdoor is recognized as well in the second step. The next one, asking for ringing at the front door and then opening the door by button press is also working, but the last step of automatically open on ringing at the front door doesn’t do anything!

So all fine, until the last step (as mentioned already preactivation needed, therefore only ring to open available), all is fine. Only the automatic opening after ringing isn’t and therefore the setup can’t be finished. Really disappointing, as it’s also stated as compatible!

Any news on that or anybody who can help with this issue?


Can you send picture of your connections ?

Currently I can’t unfortunately, as a friend of mine has lend me the device for testing, before I buy my own one (don’t wanna spend €400 in case it’s not working). So at the moment it’s not connected any more.

Nevertheless I’ve double and tripple checked the wiring. During setup the initial one proposed by the app didn’t work, but the alternative one was recognized correctly, which is:
existing wire of L2 -> clamp
red + yellow -> clamp
orange + green -> L2
black -> L1 (together with existing wire)

So like you did in your screenshot in post #1, just with exchanged L1/L2. I can definitely guarantee that the wiring was done 100% as stated in the app. Further, every setup step (except the last one) was working. So even ringing at the front door and manually open by button press in the mobile app. As the intercom needs preactivation that implies, that also the ring signal must have been detected correctly as well as the button press of the opener on the intercom itself. Otherwise, the step prior to the last one (automatic opening on ring) wouldn’t have worked. The only thing I haven’t tested yet is to increase the delay for “open on ring”.

Did you get your opener running in the meanwhile? If there’s someone out there, who could get the Urmet 1740/954 working and can confirm that, I’d even be willing to by my own set, of course.


I have an intercom Urmet 1740/40 Signo, did you manage to connect it to the opener?


I have the same intercom urmet signo 1740 and same issue…doesn’t work

Did you manage to make it work or get new informations ?


Hi, same for me, any news about the Urmet 1740? Thanks