Urmet 1183/4

can somebody help me with the URMET 1183/4 ?

Hello Patrice,
Urmet 2Voice systems are not supported yet and still under investigation. We will post our results here in the forum as soon as possible. In the meantime you can try this: Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems
Best regards

Hi @Patrice

Did manage to connect it? I have the same intercom and same problem

Hi @Georg_S do have any update? I have the same issue

Hi! What have you tried so far?

I haven’t tried anything yet. I was asking to have some info from people with the same intercom or from @Georg_S maybe Nuki figured it out.

Then you can just try generic bus for now.

Do you have any update about URMET 1183/4 ?
Thank you !

Do you have update about this model?
As the problem has been revealed since 2019, I suppose it’s already solved by Nuki team or someone in the community?

It is really a bitty, that no info about BUS Systems is distributed. Maybe the announcement of Ring Intercom will change that, as this opener will definitely supports Urmet 1183/5…

Hi, I just buy he Nuki Opener, but I’m quite disappointed that doesn’t work with Urmet 1183/4.
Any update or solution?