Urmet 1172/40

Hello everybody,
Could someone help me with my intercom please?

I have an Urmet brand intercom on which the reference DIS1133-D001 is marked. After taking information on the internet, I think it is in fact the reference 1172/40 (I’m not sure) because it is a 2-wire digital intercom.
My problem is that I can’t configure it.

I connected the red wire of the intercom on the wago (1st port) with the yellow and red cables of the nuki on the 2nd port.
I connected the orange and green wires of the Nuki to the 1st port of the intercom (instead of the red wire).
The black wire of the Nuki is connected with the white on the intercom.
In short, I followed the connection procedure indicated in the application (Urmet 1172/40). I’ll give you a picture of my connections tomorrow.

Opening the door still does not work.
Can someone help me ?
thank you

Good morning,

Here is a pic of my connections.
The configuration on the application is going well, no error message. But the door does not open when the intercom is pressed.
Do you have any ideas ?

Good day!

Hello Julien,

Did you manage to make it work ?


no it doesn’t work. I gave up.


It appears you have the same as me, and it’s a 1172/42, not 1172/40. Couldn’t make it work either.

@NUKI, is it compatible ?