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I have Urmet 1172/1 at home and I can‘t really figure out what the correct setup would be - I have found a diagram online that might help. I guess the next part would be to figure out which wire is which as there is another device connected in parallel which is Urmet 1172/45 Atlantico (cannot upload 2 images).

Could I take the parallel intercom offline and replace it in total with Opener?

Hi, the Urmet 1172 is already in our database. You can install it right away. At the end of next week the new Urmet BIBUS profile will be live. If you want to test it in the meantime, please let me know and send me a PM.
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So my current setup that passed initial test is like this (I think this is alternative variant as the original one does not pass the test)

Red - clamp - red&yellow
L1 - orange&Green
L2 - black

In configuration it detects ring and opener action on intercom. Intercom requires activation and in activation process it also detects the ring and intercom opener, but it never can perform opener action so I emd up in the loop.

Any input in appreciated.

I just sent you a PM
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Hallo Georg,

wie komme ich zur neuen Opener Firmware bzw. Beta Version. Meine Urmet Anlage funktioniert nicht :slight_smile:

Vielen Dank!

please send me your Opener ID via PM (“Settings”>“Connection status”>click on Opener Symbol)

Hello Georg,
Any chance that Opener will be compatible with what seems to be a Urmet 1183/2?
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Hi, Urmet 1183/2 is a 2Voice system. It is not compatible yet and still under investigation.

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is the new BIBUS profile alive? I have the Urmet 1172/45 Atlantico. I connected the cables as shown in the app, but than I sometimes get the information that the opener could not be reached, but I am standing right in front of it - bluetooth enabled. After getting over this problem, I can configure the opener, but it does not open every time, when I enable Ring to Open. I also get an “Bus Error 0x01 unkalibiert”. What can I do?

Hey Thomas,

Although I do not have the same intercom but do have Urmet Bibus.

I set it up as generic-Bus, Urmet (Beta). But then I followed the wiring from the PDF document here Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems .

The wiring from the app instructions also did not work for me. Maybe you can try it.

Hi! I just sent you a PM!

Hi, I have the same problem that my Urmet 1172/45 is not working properly. I want to open the door without the “Ring to open” option. Is there any way to get the details as well? Thanks

hello everyone, I have the same problem with an 1172 but in digital version, connected only with L1 & L2. I followed the description exactly, but it doesn’t work, I tried to release it only after ringing, everything didn’t work. The opener only recognizes the door opener command after the doorbell rings. At the first installtion, it works once after ringing, when it goes to the app to verify the function, nothing happens no matter what I try. Anyone have an idea or solution ??? Thanks in advance

Hi, I have the same problem as MiGa, a solution ? Thank you :slight_smile:

I just installed Opener on my 1172/45 Atlantico. Wiring done as instructed:
Red (previously in L1) in clamp with red & yellow
L1 - orange & green
L2 - black (plus existing wires)

Now, nothing works. Configuration of Opener stops at ‘press the door open button on your intercom’, because when I press that button, it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Looks like my intercom is dead too, it doesn’t make the beeping sounds anymore when I press the buttons, and there is no noise coming from the handset either. Checked all the wires, seem to be connected well. What can I do?

Hi Georg, I have a URMET bibus 1132 but with the installation guide on APP I can’t recognize the correct wire. Can you help me?

No news about bibus ssystem?