Urmet 1134/2

I am a Nuki user for over 3 years, and now I have bought Nuki Opener for my front door but I have difficulties setting it up.
I have a Urmet 1134/2 Intercom installed in my building, and I tried to connect it using Basic and Enhanced setup and by selecting Urmet 1134 device and Generic Urmet, but with no luck. Actually in basic setup, when I Ring my bell Nuki will open the front door regardless if I pressed a button inside the Nuki app or not. Also, the regular intercom is no longer working for me, when I want to speak with a person via the Intercom there is no signal.

Can you provide me with instructions on how to connect Nuki Opener to Urmet 1134/2?

Thanks a lot!

Here is a board picture:

Uh, what I see here, is that your intercom is wired not standard, - these two black and red wires, what are glued to the r6 resistor, are not standard, and I think this bridges the opening-buzzer, what is mostly also the reason, why it opens every time when a ring occurs, - so unfortunately nobody can give you a wiring sheme, because its already custom!? So it can work, but somebody what knows how to, have to do it on place, means someone have come to your home, and install it properly!

Hi Rose,
It was not a problem for me to wire the intercom in any way.
The current wire is done by following the official Nuki guide for unsupported devices.

Here is a schematic from a guide:

And according to that, I wired my intercom:

So, I have 2 incoming lines that are entering my intercom: red and black.
And I tried to wire it according to the Basic setup guide, but that is not working.

I also tried Enhanced setup, but that is also not working.
Thisis Enhanced setup from a guide:

If someone provides me with the correct schematics and device type that needs to be selected in a Nuki app, I am pretty sure that I can set up Nuki Opener without problems.

For reference, here is a setup before I installed Nuki Opener.

The issue is the bridge wire on r6 i think? From where are this red and black wire is coming?

The wires that you see at R6 are speaker wires, and those wires are not relevant for connecting the Intercom to the Nuki opener.

Ah ok, is this speaker for the ring sound, or what does it?

How have you wired for doorbell functions, have you a Foto, because on the Fotos they are to see now, it cannot work, because wiring is false.

Yes, the speaker is working correctly. When you press the ring button in front of the door Intercom will ring.
Ok, it is obvious that the wiring is wrong, can you provide me with the correct schematic on how to wire my Intercom and Nuki Opener?

Try this, take the nuki clamp and put the red and yellow cables from opener in it, both in the same block, then take the red wire what is in block 1 of your intercom, and put it in the second block of the nuki clamp, then put the green opener wire in block 1 of you intercom (where you taken out the red before), then take the Black opener wire, and put it to block 2 of your intercom (where is already a black wire in it, so after you should have 2 Black wires in the same block (block 2 of intercom), - now put the plug of the opener wires in the opener, and then reset the opener and make a new setup, with generic bus intercom! Let me know, if it works!?

Thanks a lot for your instructions. Will try it! I will let you know if it is working for me.


Still no luck with Nuki Opener installation.
I wired everything according to your suggestion:

And when I tried to configure it I am getting this error:

Do all not work, or just opening or bell?

And try generic urmet.

I tried with Generic and Generic Urmet, and I got the same error as is shown above.
I also tried to connect an orange wire along a green wire (as is suggested in the app) that combination is also not working for me.

Then please try it vice versa, - green opener cable out of block 2 and the red back again from the clamp, then black intercom cable out of block 1, and in nuki clamp (instead of the red), then green opener cable together to the black opener cable in block 1 together, and let me know.

Hi Rose, thanks a lot for your help, I will try that at some point but currently I am not at the location where that is installed.

And the final verdict is that our landlord came to us today and require us to remove Nuki Opener because it was creating a short circuit in the system. We asked the licensed installer can he install Nuki Opener, and he said that the Nuki opener was incompatible with Urmet 1134/2.

Oh sorry, that’s sad.