Upper Ring on the Smart Lock not glowing during firmware update

Hi there,

during the last 2 beta firmware updates I noticed the following:

When I hold the button on the lock during the firmware update, the upper part of the ring should glow at some point when the firmware is installed.

But it doesn’t glow anymore. That could cause confusion during the update.

My lock was in the following condition during the update:

Door locked
Door sensor activated
Door closed

Maybe the door sensor has something to do with this.

Any ideas?

Hi Bjoern,

Thanks for pointing that out.

If the smart phone connects really fast to the smart lock and immediately performs the installation of the firmware, the upper LED is glowing for such a short period of time that it is not noticable.
We’ll be addressing this in an upcoming firmware update.
I’ll keep you updated.


It seems to be fixed with the latest firmware. :slight_smile: