Update of mounting plate B

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Nuki smart lock 2.0 mounting plate B


In cases when mounting plate B needs to be attached to the round rosette there is not enough surface area to hold the lock firmly in place. With the time it is going to fall off.


On the outside this internal rosette is also holding an external one with two bolts that are positioned as shown in the picture below:


Internal rosette can be taken off and replaced with modified mounting plate B as shown in the picture below.


It is quite common in Germany to have the rosettes used on the doors and they are all fixed the same way with two bolts going through the door. If the holes were available by defaul on plate B it would mean that the lock can be mounted directy on the door with a much better hold than using the standard sticker.
Updating the plate with additional standard holes for rosette replacement would create a solid option to mount the lock without additionally drilling the door.


As shown in the picture below but without additional filing and drilling.

Wow! Very nice idea and suggestion.
I just had to replace the first sticker of my Nuki after about 10 months, the Nuki got loose on exactly the Rosette you described.
I will also try to do the same mod!

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Maybe it helps as long as no offical update is available.
I used a 3D print adapterplate out of Thingiverse. In this plate I drilled two holes like on the rosette. Afterwards i assembled the adapterplate instead of the rosette and mount the NUKI on the adapterplate.
Depending on thickness of the adapterplate it is possible to use nuki plate a or b.
And the best is-no gap between NUKI and doorplate-looks nice!


I hear you. The gap between the lock and the door was something I hated to even think about. Mounted directly on the door the whole thing looks so much better apart from being a solid fix.
Not sure if the two holes will appear though on the next mod as Nuki told me that my case is unique. If you ask me I am not sure what is unique about having a round rosette on the door :slight_smile:


Same Feature Request here; as of today I have installed my very first Nuki and the Gap etc. with the Mounting Plate A is looking a bit weird and seems to be unnecessary.

(I have only removed the rossete for the photos)

That is a good idea, just took a look there and found this one:

We have exactly this in the UK, so maybe a Europe-wide thing? When I asked Nuki about it they gave a similar response that it was ‘unique’ and no plans to address. Shame as it would be so much more secure and look better.

I should add that I’m using mounting plate A with Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. Can’t immediately remember the difference between the different mounting plates. Will have to retrieve the original packaging and take a look.

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Lol …

Next test will be with: