Update 4.2.6 to 4.2.8 fails

I try to update my Nuki 4.0 pro, but it continues to stop with errorcode 23 (and one time errorcode 500).

My Update has finished successfully. Can you use your lock anymore or is it unusable now?

After removing the Batterypack for 5 Minutes, the transfer of the update-file started again and this time it was installed successfully :slight_smile:

Same error 23 here from 4.1.8 to 4.2.8

Removing the battery for a few minutes worked. First I had to deassociate the numlock and re associate it otherwise I had the same issue as other with bluetooth despite it beeing shown in green!

Here, after the update to 4.2.8, about a week ago. the lock became very unpredictable and unresponsive. Auto-lock doesn’t work. And it even sometimes refuses to lock manually (when I push the button I mean). Is there a way to revert to an older firmware, or reinstall the current one? I’d like to test if it is due to this version, or something else.