Unsolicited opening of the door

That regularly ends up in searching for my :smiley_cat:.

This happens when my mobile resumes from the energy saving mode, because I connect it to the power cord.

When my mobile runs low it switches automatically to the energy saving mode. So the nuki app get no location information. That’s fine, because I don’t mind to unlock my door in the traditional way with the solid key made from iron. But when I charge the device it resumes to normal mode. The nuki app receives the location infos and recognizes that we arrived at home. The door sometime unlatches emediality so I can catch it and close it before the cat escapes. But sometime it take some time until nuki opens the door. And the cat never looses some time.

Can you fix this behavior by querying the power api of the device?


NUKI 1 current stable firmware
Pixel3XL Android 11

No jo a bissl mehr Echo hät i ma scho erwortet.

Hello Thomas, I’ve forwarded your feature request.

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