Unreliable continuous mode and notification from Nuki Opener

Hey folks I have been using Nuki opener for a month and the “continuos” mode (that opens the door when someone rings the doorbell) is very unreliable, someone it works sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes the person needs to ring the bell twice and sometimes not even doing that makes it work.

On top of that, the notifications coming from the opener events (natively via Nuki web and Nuki app) are delayed by 30 seconds…

My intercom: 1740/90

Any ideas how to improve/fix that?

It works correctly for me when I open it from the application, but Continuous mode doesn’t work at all. Does anyone have any hints as to what else I should try? I tried Debug mode and changing the Delay but nothing helped.

I sent a support ticket today, but apparently this is not being looked yet by the developers.

I opened my intercom again to make sure the wiring was correct and no wire were loose, it looks all good, my intercom rings correctly, the only thing that doesnt work reliably are:

  • Ring to open
  • Continuous open
  • Ring notification

So there is something going on with the opener that it doesnt detect the ring signal or somewhere in the code it crashes even though ring was detected. Only developers can help we out with this unfortunately.

Can I exclude wiring from the calculation if everything else is working fine for me except Ring to Open and Continuous mode?

  • Opening with a button from the application works properly
  • The intercom rings properly when the bell button is clicked
  • Opening the door from my intercom works fine.

If this all works, does that mean it’s just down to the configuration and not the wiring?

So if the ring notification, continuous mode and ring to open are not working, it could still be wiring… but thats my guess, I am out of ideas like you :confused:

Today I got a message back from support:

Hello Bruno, this is Dylan from Nuki Customer Support.

I'm sorry to hear that your Opener notifications are working unreliably.
In this case, we can try resetting the notifications and rebooting the devices to fix the issue:

In your Nuki app, deactivate all notifications in Settings > Features and configuration > Manage notifications. Close this menu to save the settings.
Deactivate Smart Notifications in Settings > Smart Notifications.
Now remove your device from the Nuki Web account and reconnect it. To do this, select your device in your Nuki Web account and click on the menu in the upper right corner (three dots). Here click Delete.
Reboot your devices - Please reboot your Opener by removing the batteries/disconnecting it for at least 15m, and put them back in to restart the Opener.
Now, reboot your phone and activate Flight Mode for at least 2m.
Next, open your Nuki app and activate Smart Notifications in Settings > Smart Notifications.
Go to Settings > Features & Settings > Activate Nuki Web to reconnect the device to your Nuki Web account. Open the menu again to re-enable the notifications you want.