Unlock via bridge triggers lock/unlock cycle

Hello Nuki Team,

i have a smart lock with firmware 2.3.11 connected via the Bridge. The Smart Lock is unlocked but the door (with knob) is closed.
Since a few days now I have the problem that when I open the door via the bridge, the Nuki pulls the trap for a short time, but then it executes a complete Lock/Unlock cycle (close it completely once and then unlock it again immediately).
I recalibrated the Smart Lock but this doesn’t help.

Kind regards,

Hi Daniel!

What does the Activity log show in that cases?

Hi Stephan,

the Activity Log shows the following items:

We have integrated a Smartcard Reader that is connected to an Raspberry PI and the Rapsi triggers the Unlock via the Nuki Bridge.

This looks exactly like the issue which should be solved with the current Beta firmware.

If I saw correctly you already sent us the Smart Lock ID for Beta access, so you should soon see the update in the App - or can check manually (Manage Smart Lock > Firmware update) if you didn’t get a notification for an update yet.

Please come back here with feedback on the behaviour after you updated the firmware!

Thanks Stephan, i will try that with the current beta version (as soon as i am in the beta program…)