Unlock Opener from within Nest Hello App

Product name

Nuki Opener + Nuki SmartLock 2.0


We are using the Nuki Opener and SmartLock together with a Nest Hello and Nest Hub. When someone rings the Nest Hello, the Nest Hub displays the video on the screen. At this point I can say, “Ok Google, unlock the gate” and it will do so but it asks me for a Pin. It would be great to just have a button within the Nest Hello App or on the Google Nest Hub popup that you can press to unlock the gate.


Unlock Opener and door from within the Nest Hub screen or Nest Hello App.


Because the amount of time it currently takes to unlock the opener either via voice or by getting your phone, opening the Nuki App and then hitting Open is at least 30 seconds, vs. if it was on the same screen would be almost instant


Someone rings the doorbell and I want to let them in without having to open multiple apps or tell Google a Pin everytime.