Unlock Opener and Smart Lock at same time with one click on fob

Product name

Nuki Fob


Unlock Opener and Smart Lock at same time with one click on fob


As described - one click on fob to open communal door (opener) and also unlock flat door (smart lock). Rather than having to deal with one click - opener and double click - smart lock, send some kind of command that finds nearest bluetooth device and gets that device to pair with the opposite (so an opener would pair to smart lock and vice versa)…


Ease of use. and to actually gain entry. Fallback option if you are caught short by mobile running out of juice. Alternative if it’s not possible to do the one click - opener / two click - smart lock option…


In a lot of cases, a communal front door isn’t far away from the flat door so not really an issue to unlock both at same time. As far as I’m aware the bluetooth signal is picked up by nearest device, so if that is the flat door then you can’t get in to the communal entrance. So, in that scenario perhaps the fob could send an unlock command to the smart lock, unpair command (from fob), some kind of wait command that gives time for the unpair to happen then pair to opener, another wait to allow the pairing to happen and then unlock. I am not sure if this would be possible although I did read that bluetooth 5 could handle multiple pairings just not at same time. My understanding is that the opener is paired to bridge and the smart lock is paired to bridge - can we pair the opener and smart lock together? Just an idea and probably far off the mark…