Unlock Nuki with the FOB *without pulling the latch*

Product name

For which NUKI product do you want to submit a feature request?
Nuki FOB


Quick summary what this request is about.
To unlock the Nuki without pulling the latch


Detailed description of desired features.

I am missing the following function on the Fob: open the Nuki 2.0 without pulling the latch. In the settings of the Fob I only can find

Unlock (**including** pulling the latch)
No function

My alarm system is triggered by the status of the Nuki lock. If the lock is opened the alarm system is turned off. As we have a time delay between the opening procedure and the callback to my smart home system I will get an alarm if the Fob opens the door with pulling the latch in one go.

If we would have the “Open lock without pulling the latch”-function I could e.g. klick the Fob once to open the lock, wait until alarm system is turned off and klick the Fob twice to pull the latch and open the door.

As the function itself is already existing under “Auto Unlock” / “Expert settings” / “Enter geofence” --> “Open the lock” (and not pull the latch) it should not be a big issue to enable this also for the Fob.

The optimum solution would be to enter a variable “delay time” in a combined function as follows:

Klick the FOB —> Unlock Nuki without pulling the latch —> wait the variable delay time —> pull the latch and open the door.

The variable delay time shall give enough time for the callback and the automated turn off of my Alarm system by the smart home system.


Why is this feature needed?
Improve the use of Nuki in connection with smart home systems

Other approved people could enter my home without a smartphone, only using the FOB and without taking care (and even without any knowledge) of my alarm system.


How would you like to use this feature?

In every case I want to open the door without mobile phone, only with the FOB

In case I give the FOB to someone else (gardener, cleaning person, etc).