Unlock door when sensor detect door si opened

Product name

Luki SmartPro 4


Get same behaviour if I unlock door with a key or the app.


Unlock door when sensor detect door si opened (cylinder doesn’t turn synchronously between inside and outside key°


I have a cylinder (Keso Relaax) with emergency function but key inside the lock does not turns synchronously with the key on the outside. I cannot find a compatible cylinder with my door so I cannot change it.


Door si locked. Someone open the door from outside with his key and enter the appartement. Nuki SmartLock Pro still consider door locked. In the application, I think my door is locked although it’s not. And Nuki smartlock doesn’t lock the door (auto lock function).
Moreover, if someone else go out, he has to lock the door manually. So behaviours are different if someone open the appartement with his key.