Unlock door using Web API


I have a Smart Lock Pro 3.0, and don’t have a Bridge.

I usually use HomeKit to unlock the door, but sometimes it is way too slow to unlock the door (up to 10 seconds before it unlocks).

I don’t know why, probably because HomeKit/ATV communicates with the lock via Bluetooth.

So I’m looking at alternative methods.

There’s IFTTT, that is perfect…except now you have to pay $3 minimum per month to do a simple task. So nah.

I have HomeBridge, but there’s no plugins that can help because they all require a bridge.

Then using webhooks with a HomeBridge switch. The easiest stuff, requires the Bridge (again). So it’s down to WebAPI. I don’t know to unlock a door using WebAPI.

I got my token, the cURL stuff I don’t know how to execute that without using a PC. Unless there’s a HomeBridge plugin that I’m missing for this?

This might be for you: MQTT API & Homebridge / HomeKit

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Thanks. Thank goodness I had a Pi to get a running broker.

Still, one problem is that it stays on “Jammed/Unlocked” like it’s the default state, not Locked.

How can I make “Locked” state default?

EDIT: Nevermind, fixed it. Thanks! The speed dramatically increased in unlocking the door! Like, near instant!

Ok maybe I spoke too soon. Rebooting my broker or router breaks the connection and won’t reconnect at all (gives me errors when manually try to reconnect) until I either reboot the Nuki or turn off/on WiFi.

Unless I’m missing something, it’s a real shame it cannot reconnect quickly.