Unlatch door via Bluetooth API

Hi everyone.

I currently have an NFC tag outside my front door that I use to trigger a WEB request action to unlatch the door (with macrodroid or tasker or similar apps on my smartphone).

By using the WEB request there are always a few seconds delay before the door actually unlatches, and I don’t use the local http request because I’m not yet connected to my local network while I’m outside.

Is it possible to unlatch the door by sending a bluetooth action? I have no clue about this and I tried to read the documentation, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to set it up or if it is even possible to achieve what I need.

I would appreciate if anyone is willing to help and clarify what is possible to do with the bluetooth API.

You can do pretty much everything the NUKI App can doo via the bluetooth API. Maybe you want to elaborate a bit more … what OS and device are you planning to run the software on?

P.S.: There’s also the option to just by a NUKI Fob.

Thanks for replying. I currently use my android smartphone with Macrodroid app installed.

I built a few macros, when they are triggered they send to nuki devices web requests to perform actions.
Is it possible to do something like this, but instead of sending a web request it sends a bluetooth command?

What do you need to send bluetooth commands?


I don’t think that’s possible. The NUKI bluetooth protocol is proprietary, it does encryption, and uses custom commands and responses. That’s too complex to be handled by Macro Droid alone.

You’d need to either

  • control the NUKI App via Macro Droid. Not possible as far as I know. Or:
  • write you own App that can be controlled via Macro Droid

Got it. Thanks for your help